Security Packages


You won’t find any better deals, Guaranteed!!!

In todays world, we want options to be presented to us so we can make the best decision according to our needs. That’s why Scharig Alarm Systems offers different ways to get the security system that you desire for the budget you desire.

Existing Systems

 We can take over most existing systems and lower your monthly monitoring bill as well. No long term contracts on takeovers and rates as low as $19.99 per month. Best deal in town. Why pay 40 to 60 dollars per month for the big box companies just to cover their large overhead.


 Option # 1

Purchase the equipment and go month to month for your monitoring with no long term contracts. Our ‘Essential Package’ gives you excellent protection and ease of use with absolutely no contracts. Of course, we also offer 24-hour  monitoring too, which will give you complete peace of mind. Should anything happen to your home rest assured that our professional, U.L. list, national call center will get the relevant emergency services to the location immediately. We have one of the fastest response times in the industry.

The Essential Package – $0 installation -$0 activation – $399.00 Equipment @ 19.99 per month (Landline monitoring. Upgrade to cellular wireless monitoring for just 31.00 per month )

No long term contract

Not all houses are the same, in fact, we’d say most of our clients need completely different solutions, but you can start with our Honeywell Essential package and add additional devices if needed. For just $399.99 for a top of the line Honeywell Security System, installed you get the following items:

Three door sensors
Door sensors will alert you at the keypad chime mode when someone has opened at door. When the alarm is on, it will activate the siren when a door is opened
Pet immune motion detector
Motion detectors will detect movement across an area thru infrared beams that blankets areas such as hallways or living rooms. However, you don’t want your cat or dog setting them off so ours are immune to pets 80 pounds and under, and will only trigger when a person crosses the path.
LCD Keypad
Kansas City Home SecurityDeluxe Honeywell LCD Keypad! Our LCD keypad is a breeze to use. It comes with on-board panic buttons for police, fire, and medical emergencies. The chime feature is very popular, It will chime three times at the keypad, letting you know that a door has been opened. It’s a great way to keep track of little ones, or Alzheimer patients. You can Upgrade to Wireless Touch Screen Keypad.
Honeywell Vista control panel
The control panel is the heart of the system and ours manages all communication between your home and the essential services. It also allows us to protect individual zones so you can protect one part of the house while using another. But that’s not all! If you add Total Connect home automation, the control panel can switch those on and off also making it look like you’re at home when you’re out. You can also control your home thermostat, and much more. We use Honeywell control panels, the exact same ones used in government and fortune 500 companies.
Indoor Siren
The Honeywell indoor sounder is a self-contained two-tone siren. The siren is engineered to produce a loud 106dB  of sound to the point that you can hardly stay in the same room.
Emergency Battery Backup
Our emergency battery backup will run your alarm system for up to 6 hours in the event of a power outage!
Professional Installation
Professionally installed by our highly trained technicians with over 20 years experience.


Option # 2

Free Security System Offer

 $0 installation – $0 Activation – $0 Equipment fee – No Gotchas -No hidden fine print - Absolutely no money down and only $24.99  per month with a 36-month monitoring agreement. *(Monitoring thru a landline)(Upgrade to Cellular Wireless Monitoring only 36.99 per month)

Free system includes:

  • Lifetime Warranty on equipment and $0.00 charge for service calls
  • Wireless Upgrade (Upgraded to Honeywell Wireless System)
  • Honeywell Security Equipment
  • Deluxe Honeywell Color Touch Screen Keypad
  • Contact sensors for all exterior doors leading into the house
  • 1- Pet immune Motion Sensor
  • 4 Button Wireless Remote Control
  • Interior Siren
  • Control Panel
  • Emergency Battery Backup
  • Professional Installation
  • Yard Signs and Window Decals
  • Up to 20% homeowners insurance discount

*Must be a homeowner with approved credit. 36-month monitoring agreement with monthly payment via credit card or A.C.H. payments.  









No Landline, No Problem Upgrade to Wireless Cellular Monitoring, Free, and only  36.99 per month, lifetime service warranty included.


How Wireless Cellular Monitoring Works. You never have to worry about phone lines being cut or paying for a phone line just for alarm monitoring. The Safest most Secure way to monitor your alarm system.



Option #3

Honeywell Securitycameras

Smart Home Packages

Upgrade to Honeywell Total Connect interactive services: Add Cameras, Lights, Locks, Thermostat, and remotely access your system via smartphone. Get text and email notifications of alarm events, open and closings, and much more. See Pricing Below.  We only install the best, top of the line Honeywell Security Products. We wont be undersold. Guaranteed best price.

Available Packages

Total Connect

Remote Services

Total Connect


Total Connect


products and features

$41.99 per month

$49.99 per month

$49.99 per month

Equipment Fee $0 $0 $0
Activation Fee $0* $0* $0*
Honeywell Touch Screen Keypad Home Security Touch Screen Home Automation Touch Screen Home Automation Touch Screen
 Wireless Door/Window Contacts Home Security Wireless Home Automation Wireless Home Automation Wireless
1 Wireless Pet X Motion Detector Home Security Motion Home Automation Motion Detector Home Automation Motion Detector
Wireless Self-Contained GSM Cell Home Security GSM Home Automation GSM Home Automation GSM
Smartphone/Mac/PC Access Home Security Remote Access Home Automation Remote Access Home Automation Remote Access
Viewable Event History Home Security Event History Home Automation Event History Home Automation Event History
Automatic Email/Text Notifications Home Security Email Home Automation Email Home Automation Email
Real-Time Severe Weather Alerts Home Security Weather Alerts Home Automation Weather Alerts Home Automation Weather Alerts
Included Lifetime Warranty*  Yes Yes Yes
1 Smart Thermostat Home Automation Warranty
1 Indoor I p  Camera Home Security Camera
24/7 UL-Licensed Monitoring Home Security Monitoring Home Automation Monitoring Home Automation Monitoring
 Yard Sign &  Decals Home Security Yard Sign Home Automation Yard Sign Home Automation Yard Sign
Monitoring Agreement 36 months 36 months 36 months
1- Keychain Remote with panic button – Save up to 20% on Home Insurance
*With approved credit, and must be a  homeowner

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