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Home Security monitoring Kansas City Scharig Alarms provide the absolute best home security systems for the Kansas City area. We have been active in Kansas City since 1994. Our Kansas City-based call center has trained staff ready to take your calls, handle your home security issues and monitor your alarm to ensure you have total peace of mind.

Kansas City Alarm Systems

Want a local supplier backed up by a global company? The Honeywell Total Connect home security systems, currently manufactured to the highest standards by one of the largest alarm companies in the world, is the product of choice and we offer support that is second-to-none.

Some companies will install your home security system for free and then tie you into a long-term contract. These contracts will cost you much more money in the long term. We will never do that.

Our ‘Essential Package’ gives you excellent protection and ease of use with absolutely no contracts. Of course, we also offer 24x7x365 monitoring too which will give you complete peace of mind. Should anything happen to your home, rest assured that our professional call center, based here in Kansas City, will get the relevant emergency services there straight away.

The Essential Package

Not all houses are the same, in fact, we’d say most of our clients need completely different solutions. However, if you only need the basics in home security then our ‘Essential Package’ is just for you. It includes the following:

It will detect movement across an area, such as a hallway or lounge. However, you don’t want your cat setting them off. Our sensors are immune to pets and will only trigger when a person crosses the path.

Three door sensors
kansas city alarm systemsDoor sensors will trigger the alarm as soon as the monitored door opens. Of course, you don’t need to put a sensor on each and every door; you can just place them strategically to cover ‘zones’ of the home. If a burglar enters a zone – the home security system is triggered.
Pet Immune Motion Detector kansas city commerical alarm sstemsOf course, you can’t always cover every part of the house with door sensors, and this is where a motion sensor comes into its own.
LCD Keypad
Home SecurityAlarms used to be cumbersome and difficult to program – no more! Our LCD keypad is a breeze to use so home security should never be a problem again.
Honeywell Vista control panel
kansas city business alarms
The control panel is the heart of the home security system. Our security system manages all communication between your home and the essential services. It also allows us to protect individual zones so you can protect one part of the house while using another. But that’s not all! If you have X-10 home automation, the control panel can switch those on and off. Automation makes it look like you’re at home when you’re out.
Battery backup
Power cut? No matter – the alarm will continue to operate correctly with a battery backup!


The above-mentioned home security costs just $249.00!!

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home security kansas city
24 hour Home Security Monitoring

Many people would prefer to have their home monitored by a professional call center. This service offers by far the best protection. In fact, many home security companies insist and sign you up for long-term contracts which end up costing a fortune.

Home Security Kansas City

We offer a complete round-the-clock home security monitoring service from a Kansas City-based call center. Prices starting from just $19.99 per month.