• Have you checked your burglar alarm lately?

    Posted on July 2, 2014 by in News - Home and Business Security System Information

    For many people, the idea of having to service or at least test a burglar alarm is something that due to a busy lifestyle never enters their mind. They imagine that once set up, the alarm will continue to operate without any interference or requirement for servicing, however things happen. Sensors get knocked, wires get pulled and control boxes get banged. Over time, small knocks and scrapes as kids come in and out the house won’t be noticed, but will add up to major damage and before long, your once perfectly operating alarm system starts to get faults.

    Some of the faults show up on the control panel if you have such a system, others aren’t so obvious but if they are ignored then you could be leaving your house vulnerable.

    Maybe it’s time for an upgrade? A burglar alarm system does not have to be expensive and monitoring can be added for very little additional cost, but can give you the piece of mind that your entire house is being watched whether you’re in or out. Also, any problems with sensors or your alarm itself and someone will be in touch to tell you what’s wrong, it’s pro-active home protection at its very best, and it doesn’t need to be expensive.

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